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We are frequently asked the following questions  – if you have more questions which are not answered here give our friendly team a call on 4725 7211.

Are quotes free?

We provide free budget estimates. This is a 2 page proposal outlining your project and an estimate of the cost to build. If you would like to proceed to a detailed proposal there is a small fee for this which provides you a complete detailed proposal including full specifications, access to our online project management system and a proposed construction schedule for your project.

What is your m2 rate?

We do not give out, or work off square metre rates. The reason for this is the style and scope of the homes we build is so varied, between single and double storey, flat and sloping sites, slab on ground and timber sub-floor – an average square metre rate would be quite meaningless. If you have plans already we will be able to give you a budget estimate for your particular project, if not we can help you design something to meet your budget.

I don’t have drawings or a design in mind – where do I start?

It’s important to avoid overwhelm at this stage as trawling through hundreds of different plan ranges can leave you more confused then you were at the start! We would recommend making a time to come and see us where we can sit down and explain the process including guiding you through choosing a site, designing a home that suits your lifestyle or modifying one of our architecturally designed plans. So don’t worry if you don’t have any floorplans in mind, we only need to hear how your lifestyle works, what features are important to you eg large alfresco areas, master bedroom away from other bedrooms etc. to be able to get a design underway.

Why do you need to know what budget I am working with?

So that we can best meet your needs. When we know the budget you are working with we can guide you in the design process to ensure the home we design and build will meet your lifestyle requirements while also fitting within your budget. We will never compromise on quality however there are decisions that can be made at design stage that can make a big difference to achieving the home of your dreams within your desired budget.

Once I sign the contract, will the price change?

With our no hidden costs guarantee, we assure you that the contract price includes all the items we’ve discussed and we provide a detailed specification to show what these are. All miscellaneous costs such as building approvals, machinery hire and site clean up are included in every contract of ours. The only time the price would change after contract signing is for Provisional Sum (PS) and Prime Cost (PC) items that were not chosen at time of signing the building contract eg. kitchen appliances or tiles; or if you request changes – we pride ourselves on being flexible so you can achieve your dream home. Any changes you request or PS and PC items you select are always costed and set up on our online system as a variation, work will not proceed on this until we receive your electronic approval.

How long will my home take to build?

This depends on the size and style of your home and other factors such as the site itself. For an average home of around 300m2 on a flat site expect a 4 month build time (excluding weather delays). For larger homes or more challenging sites such as sloping sites, a build time of 6-8 months. We will calculate the build time for your home when we complete the construction schedule at contract stage and this will be outlined in the contract so you know what to expect before you commit to building.

Can you design and build on sloping sites?

Absolutely. Townsville’s geographical layout and terrain means some of the best blocks around are sloping – but don’t be put off! While not all builders have the experience or desire to tackle these projects, Watco Constructions has the experience and the team of professionals behind us to design and build your home with a view.

What does the 6 star energy rating mean?

The Building Code of Australia requires a minimum level of compliance in relation to energy efficiency.  Queensland has a minimum 6-star requirement applying to all new homes, renovations and additions.  A home’s energy efficiency rating is determined primarily by the design of its building shell – its roof, walls, windows and floors.  The rating is out of 10 stars with more stars indicating a more energy efficient and comfortable home.

How do I keep track of progress on my new home?

Your construction schedule, accessible on your Co Construct login, will be updated weekly by your project manager – this shows you what stages are complete and what is coming up next. You will also get to see progress first hand at your scheduled onsite walkthroughs with the Supervisor and Builder. Visit the Client Login page

What if construction is underway on my home but I want to make some changes?

As custom home builders we want you to be happy with the end result and are flexible to making changes even during construction as long as it does not impact negatively on the structural integrity of the home. Depending on the scope and nature of the changes there may be additional costs, for example when choosing a different bath and your first choice has already been ordered. If you think you’d like to change something speak to your Supervisor in the first instance to determine if the change is possible or request it through Co Construct and we will work out any additional cost. All variations must be electronically approved by yourself through our online system before we proceed.

Can I access the site during construction?

Once you receive your construction schedule you will see there are set times throughout the construction process (eg. Frame Stage) that you will be invited to meet the Supervisor or Builder onsite to walk through, look at progress and make any decisions required. If you require additional access this can be arranged however you must not access site at any time without a Watco Constructions representative due to OH&S regulations.

Why can’t you start building my home immediately once the contract is signed?

Once the contract is signed we need finance approval from your lender (if under finance) and payment of the deposit invoice. Once we receive this we will obtain QBCC Home Warranty Insurance and the QBEARS Energy Efficiency report and lodge the application to build your new home with our certifiers and with the council for plumbing approvals. These approvals are typically received back within 2 weeks and at this time we will finalise the construction schedule taking into account any long lead items such as timber windows and doors. The schedule start date will be set and you will be notified of the start and completion date.

Who do I communicate with during construction?

In order to keep your construction stream-lined and avoid missing small details we like to keep all project communication within our online project management system. When you have questions to ask us you can make these simply by logging on to the system or replying to email messages you have already received from the system. The Supervisor Cameron and Builder Ben will also be in regular contact with you to ensure you are kept well informed and to discuss or explain any more complex issues.

Do you have past projects and clients that I can view and talk to?

Yes definitely. At your request we can put you in contact with previous clients who will be happy to talk about their experience building with us and show you through their homes. A range of testimonials are also available on our website to give you a feel for how others have enjoyed building with Watco Constructions. Visit the testimonials page

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