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On-time Completion

Our processes and systems are designed to get your home underway quickly and our schedules are streamlined to ensure that while realistic, progress is continually happening on site. You will receive a schedule at the start of your project through the online project management tool which will be regularly updated as construction proceeds – giving you peace of mind that your home is on track. We understand the inconvenience of an ever-changing, or worse no set handover date and our systems and reliable trades ensure that we consistently meet our scheduled handover dates with no compromise to quality.

Defect-free Completion

It’s one thing to complete a build in the scheduled time-frame and another thing to complete it defect free. Our 100 point defect checklist includes checks at each stage of construction ensuring any issues are discovered and resolved quickly and do not hold up construction progress. Our team of specialised tradesmen take great pride in their work and understand our commitment to a high quality finish.

No Hidden Costs

Our specifications and proposals are crystal clear and lengthy when compared to many other builders. This is because we want you to be 100% clear up front what you are getting for your money. Your contract will include all costs necessary to complete the build including council and plumbing approvals and insurances. The only time you will pay more is if you request changes during construction or choose to upgrade a selection item or for Provisional Sum (PS) and Prime Cost (PC) items that were not chosen at the time of signing the building contract. We will never proceed with any changes that incur additional costs without notifying you and receiving your electronic approval via our on-line project management system.

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